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Over 15 Years Of Remote Sensing Training

GeoSens is a collective of researchers with extensive experience in the topics of remote sensing and geoanalysis. GeoSens is an intensive training course for learning spatial data, especially Earth Observation data analysis.

GeoSens is a non-profit training initiative run by the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Wuerzburg.

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GeoSens provides knowledge on theory of remote sensing, as well as practical approaches to apply remote sensing science within various research frameworks. We aim to use OpenSource software as far as possible as well as OpenAccess data within our courses.

All members of GeoSens are highly experienced and committed to support and develop interdisciplinary trainings and foster collaboration in order to provide valuable remote sensing application.


What We Do

We offer interdisciplinary and internatioal trainings on remote sensing applications. Various software solutions are used as well as diverse spatial data sets. We create trainings on various levels of expertise and aiming at different applications.


Our Approach

The examples provided in our trainings aim at very specific applications in order to increase the interest and understanding of remote sensing research for a variety of scientific fields such as urban, conservation, agriculture or phenology.


Our Mission

Increasing the understanding of the potentials and limitations of remote sensing for various field of applications through applied trainings is our mission. Empowering non-remote sensing scientists to apply Earth Observation data in a meaningful way and being able to contribute to a better understanding of environmental patterns.


Our Team:

Sarah Schoenbrodt-Stitt


Michael Thiel

Christian HĂĽttich

Martin Wegmann