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Examples of our Courses

Various courses are offered on different levels of expertise and focusing on different field of applications.

Please find a selection below:

Introduction to Earth Observation

Introduction of Earth Observation theory and applications. Overview of fundamental principlies, potential and limits.

1-2 days

Spatial Python

Python is a powerful language for analyzing large amount of data. The first steps up to complex implementations into other software systems are covered.

3-5 days

Application in Conservation

Remote Sensing is a powerful tool for conservation research and application. Content ranges from fundamental analysis using Open-Source software such as QGIS up to more complex analysis using QGIS or other software solutions.

3-5 days

Application in Agriculture

Agricultural monitoring using remote sensing data is an established process. Providing an overview of methods and real-world examples, as well as hands-on exercises are covered in this course.

1-5 days


Creating informative and visually appealing maps of the results is key for a successful communication. Desiging field work as well as presentation-ready maps is covered in this course

1-2 days

Remote Sensing Applications

Overview of remote sensing applications ranging from polar to tropical examples. This courses provides insights into the potential of remote sensing for specific research fields.

1-2 days

Spatial R

R is the most powerful language for data analysis and statistics. Daily data handling up to automated processing chaings executing complex statistical models are covered.

3-5 days

Intro to Coding

Coding or programming is a powerful tool once it has been mastered. This course covers the first steps in a coding environment up to writing a first script for a specific application.

1-2 days

Application in Ecology and Biodiversity

Spatio-temporal analysis of landscape properties that are relevant for ecological research are covered in theory and practice. From converting field data to a spatial format up to fragmentation analysis are covered.

3-5 days

Graphics and Presentations

Graphics outlining the results of the remote sensing research and presenting them is of importance for many projects. Discussing and creating graphs and presentations for a scientific audience is content of this course.

1-2 days

Specific Courses

All course examples mentioned above are just a small fraction of potential topics. We are happy to discuss specific topics and level of expertise.

Size of Courses

The size of courses or rather the lecturer-attendee ratio is a key factor for a successfull learning outcome. Hence, we aim for max. 10 attendees per lecturer.

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